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If you’ve ever wondered what happens during a Horsham house clearance, you’ve found the right blog post! Here at Get it Gone, we’ve seen it all – from the mundane to the marvellous. So today, we’re sharing the top 10 items we commonly find during house clearances in Horsham and what becomes of them.

Top 10 Items Commonly Found in House Clearances & Their Fate


Furniture tops the list of items found during house clearances. From sofas to wardrobes, these bulky items are often the first to go. Depending on their condition, we either donate them to local charities or recycle them. Horsham has several fantastic organisations that accept furniture donations, ensuring these pieces get a second life with someone in need.


Books are a staple in almost every house clearance. Whether it’s a collection of novels or old encyclopaedias, we make sure to sort through them carefully. Good condition books are donated to libraries, schools, or charity shops around Horsham. Those that are too worn out are sent to recycling facilities to be transformed into new paper products.


Closets full of clothes are a common sight in house clearances. We categorise these by condition: wearable clothes are donated to local shelters and second-hand stores, while those beyond repair are sent for textile recycling. The aim is always to minimise waste and maximise reuse.


From pots and pans to crockery and cutlery, kitchenware often fills our trucks during house clearances in Horsham. Usable items are donated, ensuring they help those in need. Broken or damaged pieces are recycled where possible, with materials like metal and glass being repurposed.


Old TVs, computers, and other electronics are commonly found in house clearances. These items are taken to specialised recycling facilities where they are safely dismantled, and valuable components are salvaged. Some functional electronics are refurbished and donated to charities supporting digital inclusion programs.


House clearances frequently uncover appliances like fridges, washing machines, and microwaves. If these appliances are still in working order, we ensure they find new homes through donation. Non-functional appliances are responsibly recycled to recover metals and other materials, reducing environmental impact.

Toys and Games

Children’s toys and games often surface during house clearances, evoking nostalgia. Usable toys are cleaned and donated to charities or local nurseries. Broken toys are recycled where possible, keeping plastic waste out of landfills and promoting sustainable practices.

Artwork & Antiques

Occasionally, house clearances in Horsham reveal hidden treasures like artwork and antiques. These items are appraised, and if valuable, sold to collectors or auction houses. Part of the proceeds often goes to the previous homeowners or their families. Less valuable pieces are either donated or repurposed creatively.

Garden Equipment

From lawnmowers to garden furniture, outdoor items are a common find. Usable equipment is often donated or sold at a low cost to local gardening enthusiasts. Broken or rusted items are taken to recycling facilities where metals and plastics are reclaimed and reused.

Sentimental Items

Perhaps the most touching finds during house clearances are sentimental items like photographs, letters, and personal mementos. We handle these with great care, often working with families to ensure these items are returned to them or respectfully disposed of if that’s their wish.

At Get it Gone, our mission is to provide thorough and compassionate house clearances in Horsham. We understand the sentimental value and historical significance of many items we encounter. Our approach is not just about removing clutter but about giving items a new purpose, whether through donation, recycling, or repurposing.

If you’re in need of a house clearance in Horsham, consider Get it Gone. We’re dedicated to making the process as smooth and respectful as possible, ensuring that your items are handled with care and responsibility.