House and Garden Clearance in Chichester | Questions for a Waste Management Specialist

If you live in Chichester, Get It Gone already knows that you will have any number of waste management companies to choose from. All will offer rubbish clearance and rubbish removal services, but not all of them will be the same. We have been undertaking house clearance, garden clearance and garage clearance work in East and West Sussex for 10 years now and, if there is one thing we have learned, it is to treat every job individually.

This is especially true for specialist services like end-of-tenancy clearances and probate clearances which, by nature, need a unique approach.

We still want you to have the best experience from the rubbish removal and waste management team that you choose because, even if you go to one of our competitors in the Chichester area, they will still be a reflection on our sector and on the work that we do across the Sussex area. Never book in for a rubbish clearance without taking the time to ask a few questions first.

Are you fully licensed and fully insured?

Avoid booking in for a house clearance, a garden clearance or a garage clearance with any company that doesn’t have a waste carrier’s licence and approval from the Environment Agency. If you do, you have no real idea of what will happen to your unwanted belongings once the service provider takes them away. With fly tipping being such a big problem in the Chichester area already, any belongings found dumped could be traced back to you.

If you can’t prove who dumped the waste, guess who picks up the fine? This applies to landlords who use end-of-tenancy clearance services too

Also, make sure your waste management company is fully insured. There is always a risk of damage to property when moving heavy items like furniture out of a home and into a van. With probate clearances, especially, you won’t want any items of value damaged without appropriate cover in place.

How long will a rubbish clearance and rubbish removal take?

The best waste management companies in the Chichester area know that their customers are often pushed for time and want to have their properties cleared as soon as possible. Smaller man-and-van services can do a great job and they have our respect, but they don’t have the personnel or the resources to do the job to the best of their abilities if you need to book in for an urgent house clearance, garden clearance or garage clearance.

Get It Gone can undertake most rubbish clearances inside 24 hours.

Keep in mind that end-of-tenancy clearances will need a faster response because the longer it takes to empty everything out, the longer it will be before you can move new tenants in. With probate clearances, a slower response can increase the time it takes to finalise the legal process.

Can you offer a free quotation?

Any waste management company that wants to charge you for a quote is going to let you down somewhere along the way. We have heard plenty of stories about people who have paid for quotations in the past, and some about homeowners in Chichester who have paid a deposit for rubbish removal work in advance. Come the day of the house clearance, garden clearance or garage clearance, nobody shows up to do the actual job.

Where would that leave you had you booked an end-of tenancy clearance or a probate clearance? Quotations should be cost and obligation-free.

Choose Get It Gone for waste management services in Chichester, and you will be dealing with one of the most trusted companies of its kind, anywhere in the East and West Sussex areas. We make you the most important part of our business and will never let you down with our rubbish clearance services.

For house and garden clearance services in Chichester, call Get It Gone on 0800 118 2256.